Lacquer School Tay Ho

Lacquer School Tay Ho (since 2012) provides classes for those who are interested in Lacquer Art - a traditional Vietnamese form of art. The classes are aimed at both professional and amateur students. We welcome both Vietnamese and foreigners of all ages, provided that you are fond of art and want to explore it.

What is Lacquer Art?

Lacquer Art is a traditional art form of Vietnam, which is a development from the lacquer profession, which is used to cover statues, diaphragms, and furniture to keep its durability and gloss over hundreds of years. In 1925, the Indochina College of Fine Arts was established, and French professors and Vietnamese artisans brought art knowledge from all over the world to teach here. New materials such as eggshells and mothers of pearl were explored and sanding techniques were introduced, from which the lacquer profession developed into the unique Lacquer Art of Vietnam.

Meet the Artist

Artist - Professor TRAN Anh Tuan

TRAN Anh Tuan is a Lacquer Art artist and Head of Lacquer Art, Faculty of Traditional Fine Arts, Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts. He has been pursuing Lacquer Art for 32 years now and has a great passion for creating paintings of this form. Therefore, he hopes to spread his love for this traditional Vietnamese art form to domestic and international friends.

What Our Students Say

Mio - Japan
Allison - Australia
Hai Tám Chín - Vietnam
Lisa, Chelsea - Australia
Marifer - Colombia
Caroline, Pierre-Jean - France

Participants from Around the World

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